Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weinergate Or Liar, Liar Pants On Twitter

It appears congratulations should be extended for our favorite internet bad boy because there's a little Weiner on the way. How sweet. Weiner must be so proud.

There seems to be a growing call for him to step down and the chorus is not comprised only of Republicans. In an interview with National Journal, former Rep. Patricia Schroeder(D-CO), said she guesses that if there were a secret poll, most of the House members would say that Weiner should resign.

It appears that some of his fellow Dems are a little more vocal in their call for Weiner to leave since the scandal erupted. I guess having more than 200 X-rated text messages and steamy pictures out there may cause even your staunchest supporters question your judgement.

The good news is that even if Weiner does leave his seat he already has a job offer. What a lucky break for this expectant daddy., a dating website based in Scottsdale, AZ is offering Weiner $50,000 to be a spokesperson for their website. Talk about a Win/Win sitution. is geared toward “financially-established” men who want women who desire the “sugar” lifestyle.

SugarSugar is not the only ones capitalizing on Weinergate. Spirit Airlines has begun running an ad on its website promoting “The Weiner Sale”, asking “Have you seen our weiner?” and offering “fares too hard to resist”, starting nine dollars each way.

In the future, Rep. Weiner may want to be careful about the photos he's tweeting and not so willing to share photos of his naked glory that appeared on Gawker today thanks to Opie and Anthony.

Breitbart feels betrayed by this "Weiner Leak" but in this case I blame breitbart because he should have realized the kind of people he was dealing with. This is a pair of DJs who believe that anytime they make the news it's good for them. In this case Breitbart should have been a bit less revealing.

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