Thursday, June 30, 2011

Matthew Bartlett Gives The Prosecutor The One Finger Salute

I was determined to watch the Casey Anthony trial today to learn whether Casey was actually going to take the stand. I simply couldn't see how she could take the stand but many people felt that she almost had to in order to help Casey Anthony's case.

Personally, I felt if Casey took the stand it would be akin to her actually pulling the switch on the electric chair. She has proven again and again that she doesn't even have a nodding acquaintance with the truth. Surely even the most inept of legal interns would be able to tear her testimony to shreds. She was indeed wise not to take the stand.

After court recessed for the day, Judge Perry called a young man, Matthew Bartlett into the courtroom and showed him a photo of a man flipping off the prosecutor, Jeff Ashton. Bartlett admitted he was the man in the photo making the offensive gesture with his middle finger.

Apparently, despite the presence of several signs that are posted outside of the 23rd floor courtroom warning spectators that facial gestures, hand signals or audible comments are prohibited, Mr. Bartlett felt those rules didn't apply to him.

Chief Judge Perry found a 28-year-old restaurant server guilty of direct contempt of court. I suppose it was just "an accident that snowballed out out control."

Perry appointed Bartlett a public defender because he wants to appeal the sentence. I'm not quite sure what he's basing his appeal on but perhaps he feels that the judge should have accepted his apology.

Word to the wise here Matthew, you're a grown man, act like one. There is a certain decorum one must maintain in court. The judge is not your mommy and contempt of court is a really serious thing.

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