Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty

When The jury left for the evening yesterday I was pretty sure that there would be a decision in the Casey Anthony case. I expected it to be sometime this afternoon. What I did not expect was the verdict that the jury delivered.

I felt that the jury would want information about just how the child died and they didn't have that. It was for this reason I felt it would be difficult to get a guilty verdict for murder in the first degree.

What I did convince myself was that jurors would come back with a verdict of guilty of aggravated child abuse or second degree manslaughter.

Like so many others I sat transfixed to the TV as the verdict clock began counting down the hours until a verdict was rendered.

I felt I would have enough time to walk my dog Atlas and run to Walmart. So I scheduled these activities for first thing in the morning.

When I arrived home the clock was still ticking and I almost wondered if in fact the jury might not reach a verdict today.

I ate lunch, then stepped out of the room to put some clothes in the dryer. I was only out of the room for a few moments and I realized that the announcement that a verdict had been reached and would be delivered at 2:15 PM today.

I sat down and began tweeting to others who have been following this trial. A "crazy" thought came to my mind that I would cry when the verdict was reached. Would I? Why would I cry? Would it be relief that it is finally over?

When the camera focused on the "All Rise" I watched as Casey seemed to be sucking in deep breaths in a way to calm herself down. I wondered how she would react when the verdict came down.

My chest constricted. I began to write the tweet about the verdict before it was announced believing that she would be found not guilty of First Degree murder. I was going to send it and then I was going to tweet Guilty of the second charge but I said I'd better wait until the verdict was actually announced.

When the word came down many people keep coming back with the same feelings. There was no justice for Caylee. I am shocked and not alone.

Casey was only convicted of lying to the police which carries a maximum of about four years total. She obviously won't serve her whole sentence. She might even get time served. Casey Anthony could walk as soon as Thursday.

Will she go back home to be with her mother and father? Will they take her back into their home? Will she now profit from this tragedy? Forget the Son of Sam laws because she was not convicted and therefore can sell her story, write a book, and/or help make a movie if she wants to do so.

As I watch the people outside of the courthouse milling around aimlessly I wonder if they feel that same sense of disbelief. Are they all wondering "What ever happened to justice for Caylee?

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