Sunday, July 17, 2011

Casey Is Going To Cali

It is being reported that a plane left the Orlando Executive Airport around 3AM. It taxied out of the hanger without lights. At the end of the runway, lights came on, it took off. No flight plan was filed. Aircraft was a single engine turbo prop, registered to an address in California where Atty. Tony Macaluso has his office.

When Macaluso first came on Team Anthony in March, 2009, he was already facing charges with the California Bar Association. The Notice of Disciplinary Charges against him were filed on January 13, 2009. At that time, Macaluso was charged with eight counts. They consisted of one count of Moral Turpitude-Issuing NSF Checks, two counts of Failure to Maintain Client Funds in Trust Account, three counts of Moral Turpitude-Misappropriation, on count of Failure to Maintain Client Funds in Trust Account, and one count of Misuse of Client Trust Account.

Apparently, Macaluso had used about $170,00 from clients trust accounts for expenses in his business, including the leasing of a jet. While he is not accused of stealing any money and states the money was returned to the accounts, this definitely fits into the category of misappropriation of funds.

Hmmmmm.... leasing of a jet. Very interesting.

Don't forget Peace Walk for Caylee is scheduled for today at 2 PM from the memorial site in Orlando. If you are anywhere in the area please come out and show your support for Caylee!

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