Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Don't Have To Pay For Nothing Because I'm Just Me

While I certain do not begrudge someone an education, this video seems to demonstrate why some tax payers are saying "Enough Already!" Judge Judy speaks ‘Moron’ to whom the taxpayers have given $70,000 towards his education (so far). This self-centered, narcissistic, taxpayer-funded third-year college student wants to keep the checks coming but not for his room and board as it is intended, rather to pay for him to party the night away.

Even when Judy explains that the money he's wasting came from taxpayers with certain expecations it seems to be lost upon him. Clearly the "rich" (read tax payer) have to pay more so he can continue his life of indulgence and ripoff, because after all, he's just him.

Oh if only this video could be played in court when the taxpayers demand their money back. This of course will never happen because he is "ENTITLED" to this money and who am I to question how he uses it.

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