Thursday, July 14, 2011

Would You Allow Casey Anthony To Babysit Your Children?

By now most of America is aware that Casey Anthony has been found not guilty. Given the fact that there is a legislative proposal in San Francisco that seeks to make ex-cons and felons a protected class, I was wondering if this might prevent you from denying Casey Anthony a position in child care.

While Casey Anthony was found not guilty on murder charges she is a convicted felon and therefore in many states this could affect her ability to find employment.

For example, as a teacher, I am required to undergo a background check. If I have ever been arrested or convicted for an act of moral turpitude a school district could chose not to offer me employment. After all, if I used to sell crack on the street to small children would you really want me teaching your kids?

That's why I'm glad that Joy Behar articulated the question I've been wanting to ask Casey Anthony's lawyer Dorothy Clay Sims.

Does it really take a body language specialist to tell us that there is NO WAY that Ms. Sims would trust Casey with her cat let alone her own children.

I wonder if her hesitancy might be because she actually thinks that Casey is a dangerous psychopath and a pathological liar and a killer.

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