Sunday, July 17, 2011

Casey Anthony Is A Free Woman

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After being acquitted of first-degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, Casey Anthony was released last night just after midnight.

Anthony was given $537.68 in cash and accompanied by two sheriff's deputies armed with semi-automatic rifles.

Casey Anthony was greeted with shouts of 'killer' and protesters holding placards with the words 'murderer' and 'devil' when she exited the Orange County Jail.

Where Casey will go now is anybody's guess. Her father has made it apparent that she is not welcome home. There has been speculation that she might go to Puerto Rico and there was early speculation that a distant relative of her mother Cindy who lives in Texas might take her in for awhile.

What will Casey do with her life is an even more difficult question to answer. She is a high school drop-out with virtually no work experience in a very difficult economy. Putting that aside though, who would want to hire the "Most Hated Mother in America"?

Do you honestly think that a diner at Cracker Barrel would want her to take their order? Would your local bank hire her? Can you imagine anyone wanting to drop their child off at a daycare center where she would be employed?

Despite all this agents say that her story was highly marketable, despite the furor over the verdict. As a matter of fact Jose Baez is still pitching photos of Casey's first days out and an exclusive interview with her.

Casey is going to have to do something because she has a defamation lawsuit for slander by a woman who shares the name of a nanny Ms. Anthony invented. When Casey had told the police that a nanny, nicknamed “Zanny the Nanny,” kidnapped Caylee she began receiving death threats and now has difficulty securing employment herself though no fault of her own.

Texas company, EquuSearch, which helps find missing people has also sued Ms. Anthony and is asking for $100,000 in expenses it incurred in its search for Caylee.

Let's take our collective anger and turn it into a positive force by signing the petition to make it a felony for a parent/guardian to not report a child's disappearance is a timely manner.

Help make a change, people! No parent should get a free pass of 31 days ever again!

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