Friday, July 8, 2011

Jose Baez Gets Dropped By Hollywood Agent

Oh darn. Hollywood Baez has lost his Hollywood agent in a matter of hours. I guess it's true when they say that the public is fickle.

It was originally announced that Jim Griffin of Paradigm would represent Baez and explore opportunities in publishing, motion pictures and television, according to several reports Thursday afternoon.

Now, according to an internal Paradigm memo Paradigm has informed Jose Baez tonight that we will not be representing him.”

Guess Paradigm remembered that old adage about lying with the dogs and getting up with fleas.

By the way, there is a Facebook group that believe Casey Anthony is Guilty, and should not profit from book deals, interview licenses, movie deals, reality type shows.

What we can do, is not buy her book, not watch her made for TV movie, not do anything that would support Casey Anthony from profiting from her daughter Caylee's death.

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