Monday, July 18, 2011

Step Right Up And Dunk Casey Anthony!

The Lexington Lions Club Bluegrass Fair organizers have decided to capitalize on the outrage in the Casey Anthony trial by setting up the Casey Anthony Dunking Booth front and center at the fair.

It appears to be a big "hit". Lots of people were out Monday night snapping photos, calling friends, and talking about the booth.

Participants can pick up a ball and throw it at one of two choices – “guilty” or “innocent.” The goal is to hit one of them, knocking the Anthony look-alike into the cold water below.

Is this in good taste? I suppose it is far better than setting up a "Wack-A-Casey" game or the Casey Anthony Shooting Gallery.

For better or worse, Casey Anthony is a public figure and part of our lexicon. She can expect that there will always be those who will believe that she got away with murder.

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