Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Morning Wreck

It can happen in a second.

Darryl and I had not warning this morning as we began our weekly shopping trip. We parked in the parking lot of CVS and headed towards the store, coupons and shopping list in hand ready to go bargain hunting.

As we came out of the store we heard a loud crash and we looked up to see a car veer off the road heading straight down the embankment towards our car.

No one seemed in control of the vehicle that seemd to be coasting almost in slow motion. While you wanted to run to the car to make sure the driver was OK you were frozen in place partly out of shock and partly because the car was still moving and you knew that you should wait for the vehicle to stop to render aid.

The car barely missing our car and came to a stop as it hit the curb of the CVS.

The car was badly damaged and the driver, a woman, said she couldn't move and we told her that she should try. We had already called 911 as had the other people who had witnessed the accident. The next thing we knew an ambulance and a fire truck had shown up.

We stayed with the woman speaking with her letting her know that help was there. Then after she was loaded onto the ambulance we were questioned bythe police as to what we observed.

We were told that thewoman in the vehcile that had coasted off the road had broken her ankles but that she would be OK.

I came away shaken by the incident because it could have ended so differently. Life is just so fragile and sometimes we get a wake-up call to remind us that life is precious.

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