Thursday, November 6, 2008

Free Groceries From GC Still Going On

We are still staying in the Cartersville house sleeping on the air mattress. Not really the best place to be. We have one working toilet still and that is downstairs. All the other toilets have been removed from the floor. Let’s see I have my decorative living room toilet, which I often threaten to fill with potting soil and day lilies, and my master bedroom closet toilet. Since that one is only visible when one walks past the hole in the floor where it should be and stare into the closet I tend not to think about this one much.

In order to take a shower you have to use the upstairs shower stall which is missing one of the handles. Thank goodness it is the cold handle because I would freeze to death. Since the hot water never seems to get too hot when it comes on full trickle, I’m OK with the hot water working.

I’m still using the free Kroger Gift Cards that I won. Even though my bill came out to be $107.10 my groceries never cost me a cent.

So what did I buy with my Kroger card this week? Again this all goes back to the fact that I’m living in Cartersville. I am limited by the fact that I can only cook things in the microwave. No fancy meals or cooking, my only option is frozen dinners. TV dinners as we used to call them when I was growing up but I guess they aren’t just for TV anymore. Dinner is served on our fancy card table which is also used as a computer desk when I have internet access.

This week Lean Cuisine wasn’t on sale for $1.50 a piece. They were all regularly priced. I still needed them so I bought seven, enough for one week. The most expensive ones were $2.46 and most of the rest were $2.07. I was able to save a little because I had two 50 cents off coupons which of course doubled and brought them down to about that price. I had a hankering for Mac and cheese. Since I don’t have an oven at the Cartersville, not one that works anyway, I bought the Lean Cuisine Mac and Cheese and it was nothing like what I had a hungering for what a disappointment.

I take back the comment about the oven. I do have one and it might work if it wasn’t sitting in the middle of the dinning room acting as counter space for Darryl’s junk.

Darryl on the other hand required Hungry Man frozen meals because he says Lean Cuisine doesn’t fill him up. One of these Hungry man dinners actually cost $4.79. I blanched but what could I do. The rest of his meals were $2.97.

Darryl also needed some cold cuts. Thank goodness Land of Frost had one pound turkey and one pound ham packs for $2.99 instead of $4.79. It also helped that I had a $1 off coupon for each of those so I really only paid $1.99 for each of them. Sandwiches need bread and I scored on those too. Sara Lee has new bread and the introductory price was $1.99. They also had coupons out for the bread and I had two of them. The coupons were each for a free loaf of the new bread.

The dog’s food choices are also dictated by our living quarters. When we used to live here I began having a problem with rats in the cold winter months. I say rats because I actually saw one and it was the size of a kitten. I used to feed the dogs downstairs and the rodents would find their way in through the crawl space. It scared the heck out of me. If you set food out for the dogs and they didn’t eat it all right away then the mice would come out and eat it. So for now the dogs are loving life because they are eating canned Alpo dog food. They slurp that stuff right up so there is nothing left for mice or rats.

I had two coupons that gave you a free can if you bought five cans. Since a can is 61 cents a piece it was like getting a dime off each can making them 51 cents a piece. Gosh I can still remember when I first got the dogs and Alpo sold for 45 or 50 cents a can. Usually canned food is a special treat for them.

I decided to buy three insulated shopping bags. They really are nice and it would be a great way to transport food without having to worry if it will defrost on the way home from the store or on the drive from the house in Acworth to the house in Cartersville. The bags were $2.99 a piece and I bought three.

I had $19.61 in coupons bringing the original amount down from $126.71 to $107.10. According to my receipt I saved $43.41 which means without any sales or coupons I would have spent $150.51. So I saved about 29% on my groceries.

If I had the time and energy I might be more like these women who buy $300 worth of groceries for $2. Still all things considered that’s pretty good. I’m still coming back to Acworth on the weekends to do the laundry and then on Sunday I do my shopping. After shopping, I go back to the house in Acworth, pack up and drive back to Cartersville with the dogs. I will be glad when I can stay in my Acworth house. I’m so tired of people breaking into the Cartersville home.

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