Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Free Shipping From Snapfish

Today was free shipping day at snapfish. You can ship everything you order no matter what for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

So here's what I got for Darryl's Christmas:

An 11x14 poster of all kinds of pictures of Darryl and I together. That was a free credit.

A free mouse pad I had them put a picture of Darryl and I having dinner in St Lucia on it. Again that was a free credit

I ordered 120 prints from free credits. I'll send some with Christmas cards others I might put in frames and give as gifts. All 120 photos free from credits.

The shipping was all free.

I ordered my free 8x11 photobook from Snapfish on that I had to pay the shipping though. It only cost me $7.20 so really it wasn't bad at all. I've received books much smaller for more, well more if I had to pay cash for them.

If you go on snapfish put in the code SHIPALLFREE use it today November 18, 2008

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