Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wake Up Sleepy Head

I tried waking Darryl up at 8 AM to ask him if he wanted to go shopping with me. He said “No. You go.” Fine that’s great I like it like that anyway. I had already made my Starbucks run. I’d bought that at the Krogers when I bought my newspaper. I just needed to hit the CVS. I had just finished shopping at CVS and I was almost at Krogers when Darryl called. “I’m ready to go grocery shopping” he says. Well that’s nice. I had to turn around and pick him up.

Let’s start with free. I was able to buy a free box of Special K. I love Special K and I bought the flavor I loved. Darryl tried to talk me into buying a different flavor because I would get slightly more. Then he said, “Buy what you want since you’re the one who will be eating it.” EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I also got a free 12 pack of Pepsi. I was finally able to use my last two free coupons for Pedigree Goodbites Hip and Joint. Those things are expensive!!!

They were still having some buy 10 items get $5 off my order. First we bought PowerAid because it was on sale for $1 instead of $1.69. I had a coupon for a free PowerAid when you bought three. This makes them 4 for $3 or 75 cents a piece. These were part of the buy 10 deal so they were 25 each. The Deer Park water was also on sale for $1 instead of $1.29 and I had a coupon for $1 off three. The water came down to 67 a piece then subtract the 50 cents and that was 17 cents a piece.

The Glade candles worked out well. I had a buy two get one free coupon and they were on sale for $2.50 a piece. This made them $1.66 a piece minus the 50 cents off they were $1.16 a piece. I love candles and these were beautiful. Normally they were $2.99 a piece. I also bought two Glade Scented Oil refills with a coupon for buy one get one free. That made them $1.25 a piece. Don’t forget they qualified for the 50 cents off which brings them down to 75 cents a piece. The real beauty of this deal was when you bought two glade products you received $2 off. Since I bought two of these deals it printed out a $4 off your next order coupon.

Stouffers was on sale for $2 and it qualified for the buy ten deal making them $1.50. I also had a coupon for $1 off four bringing them down to $1.25 each.

I was able to find a Dole Salad kit that was marked down to $2.19. Darryl liked it and was surprised I could find that on sale at half price. I had a coupon for $1 off making it $1.29 so it was even better.

With the holidays and holiday baking coming up soon I was glad to get a deal on Domino Sugar. It was on sale for $2.50 instead of $3.19. I had 35 cents off coupons. They of course double to 70 cents. This brings the sugar down to $1.80 before the 50 additional cents off as it was part of a set of 10. I paid $1.30 for 5 lbs of sugar.

We hit the jackpot again with chicken and this time we also found ribs that had been marked down to $3.99. All I had to do was heat them up for a nice dinner.

We also hit the jackpot on some half gallons of milk. They were on sale for $1.39. We cleared out all three. They say that it’s skim milk that tastes more like whole milk and it doesn’t have BGH. We bought them and threw them in the freezer.

Before coupons and sales the total would have been $182.11. The register rang up $139.48. Darryl looked back at me. I nudged him to hand over the coupons. He did and the total went down to $95.94. He turned to me and said “That’s not as good as you usually do.” Gee I just used $42.63 worth of manufacturer coupons and he’s complaining. Besides I got that coupon for $4 off my next visit which could mean either free chicken or free ribs. Yippee!!!!

After a nice lunch of chicken bits in the salad, V8 butternut squash soup, and sour dough bread we went back to the Cartersville house to work. I spent hours pulling up tacks from the floor. I don’t understand why I just do what I’m told. I also cleaned the shower. It looks much better now. For dinner we had the rest of the salad and we had ribs

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