Saturday, November 1, 2008

Randy Pausch Has Died

Earlier this summer I read the book "The Last Lecture". I'd seen the author briefly on a talk show segment. I hadn't even caught the whole segment. I did understand that Randy had terminal cancer and his last lecture was a phenomena. I promptly forgot to look it up on the internet. Then I was at the library a couple of weeks ago and there was the book.

My mind said, "Hey Cathy, that's that guy you saw on TV. This book's been on the best sellers list for awhile, might as well pick up the book." So pick it up I did.

Wow. In the last several years I'm trying to become more at peace with my mortality. I've read books like "For One More Day", "Weekends with Morie" and "The Seven People You Will Meet In Heaven" along with some Bible readings. I know you really don't get a choice to leave, when to leave, or how to leave. I think we all hope we will be over a hundred years old and die in our sleep. Even then how many of us will be ready to go?

In Tuesdays with Morie and the Last Lecture, the subject knows that he is dying. In each case he has time to say good bye and set things right for the loved ones he leaves behind. In each case the person has time to come to grips with the changes and morn their fate. They chose instead to celebrate their now.

Randy kept a blog for people who were following his story. I viewed it a few times since I read his book. I discussed the book with my principal who had also read the book and was touched by its message. I come away even more convinced that I should celebrate my inner tigger and that everyone should have a crayon. (It doesn't make sense unless you read the book).

In each day and in every moment there is something to celebrate and something to be grateful for. Sometimes it is hard to get past the difficulty that faces us but the joy is there if we chose to see it. Right now I'm camping in our old house. We've been broken into (this is like the second time and this time they stole the air conditioner for the copper). We had to cancel our trip to Niagra Falls and to Branson but both places will be there to be seen another time.

I can be angry and upset, which I was or I can say that this is the challenge that I need to face and I will face it with an open heart. Good will come out of this. I can't say what good or when it will come but in due time this to shall pass and in face of the challenges that others face it is insignificant.

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand. I need to learn how to play to win rather than continue playing in a manner so that I don't lose. Trust me there is a difference.

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