Saturday, November 1, 2008

What A Deal On Cereal

Kroger had a deal on cereal. Instead of its own brand normally costs $1.89 it was on sale for $1.67. So you got six for $10. The reward was at checkout they automatically took off an additional $4 making the cereal six for $6 or $1 a box. We bought a lot of Darryl's favorites. None of the ones I would eat were on sale. I know I shouldn't be so darn picky.

Ball Park Franks (You know the ones that plump when you cook 'em) were on sale for 99 cents a pack. I had a coupon for $1. off two making them 50 cents a pack. Since I had two coupons I bought four packs. They are great for cook outs or Darryl's lunch.

Glade aerosol was still on sale for $1 and I still had buy one get one free coupons adding to my collection of 50 cent glade air fresheners. Airwick was also on sale ten for $10 and with a buy one get one free coupon I bought two more 50 cent air fresheners. I thought I'd done well after I totaled out at $64.99. After presenting $12.75 in coupons my out of pocket was only $52.24. Factor in the sales and the $4 off instant coupon and I saved an additional $24.23 bringing the grand total up to $89.22. Meaning I saved about 59% on my groceries this week.

I am still using that Kroger card I won and the balance is now $143.69. Is that great or what?

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