Monday, December 22, 2008

Day Three of Blog Contest Experiment

What a bad day it was supposed to start out as a good day with an easy plan. We were going to go to the library and then stop at Kroger. Easy huh? Not so easy. When Darryl and I left the house at almost eleven in the morning. When we were driving out of the community when Darryl reached down to grab his cell phone, we hit the curb and blew out not one but two tires. Getting just one of these tires took most of the day. Let me tell you how.

First we were going to walk back home. We were about a mile and a half away from home and it might not have been such a daunting thing except it was 28 degrees outside. Fortunately for us Terry saw us and offered to drive us back home. I appreciated it.

We then went to get my car so we could go back to his car and remove a tire. I felt bad for Darryl it was so cold outside he even had to borrow my gloves. Once he finally got the tire off we were off to Walmart. The Walmart that was closer to us did not have a tire center so we had to go down the road a little bit. That was a wasted trip because they couldn't help us.

We left and went to a different store called Discount Tire. They said they would help us and we should come back in an hour. Fine. We went to Kroger and bought our ham, drove back by the house to drop it off and went back to Discount Tire.

Turns out they didn't fix the tire right so we had to leave and come back. This time we went to the library in Cartersville. I was so excited because I was able to get two books I really wanted. I also picked up a few DVDs.

The whole time this is going on Darryl's flashers are on and sitting on the side of the road. So back we go and would you believe it? It still wasn't done quite right but Darryl had to go in and show them how to fix it.

We're both starving by now. Back we go to his car. We had hoped that if he could get the fixed tire on the car along with the spare tire we can get the car back up to Discount Tire to get the other tire fixed. Darryl put the first tire back on and told me to go home and fix dinner. I did that and then as soon as I put the pasta on he called to tell me his battery had died.

His Dad went to help him but didn't jump start him. So Darryl was back at home and after we ate we went to Walmart to buy jumper cables. That was another $30. Back to the car again and now it's too late to get the other tire fixed. We were able to jumpstart the car and get it home.

Tomorrow is Dentist day.

Today was day three of the blog contest experiment and I've been busy. It takes a lot of time to enter these things. I'm just trying to see if it is worth my time.

Prize: $75 Ridemakerz gift card.

Prize: $20 Macy's gift card.

Prize: $20 Starbucks gift card. is giving away 5 sets of tickets to see Yes Man with Jim Carrey

Prize: 8 customized Couture Keepsakes

Coffee to Go Go Body Scrub

Prize: Cupid Apron

Prize: Sock Monkey

#1: PHOTO/MUSIC PACKAGE: Sony 8.1 MP digital camera, Apple 16GB iPod Nano, IceTech Portable Pocket Solar Battery, Belkin Car Holder/Tunedock for Apple iPod, and Jensen Universal iPod Docking Station with Full Scan Radio

$100 Sears Gift Card

Package 3: Sony 5-Disc DVD/CD Home Theater System, The Dark Knight DVD, Apple 8GB iPod Nano.

Package 1: The practical one: Black Leather Digital Photo Frame, Polaroid Digital Instant Mobile Photo Printer. PoGo, Apple 8GB iPod Nano, portable DVD player (ARV $495).

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