Friday, December 5, 2008

Economy Sheds 533K Jobs in November

According to this Fox Business Report this was the biggest one-month job loss since January of 1974.

The Labor Department said nearly all sectors lost jobs during the November period. Construction jobs fell by 82,000 during the month, while service sector jobs dropped by a massive 370,000 jobs.

The professional and business service sector lost 136,000 jobs, while manufacturing firms shed 85,000 jobs last month as well. The high-paying, high-quality jobs that both Wall Street and the U.S. government is looking for were not immune from this job purging.

The only sectors where jobs were created last month were in education and health services, which created 52,000 jobs last month, and in government, where 7,000 jobs were created last month as well. Education, health and government are considered recession-resistant professions and do not tend to shed jobs in times of economic slowdowns. It’s times like this that make me really appreciate my teaching job.

Darryl registered with the unemployment office on Tuesday. He couldn’t apply before then because technically he was still on their payroll. He is eligible for the maximum payment. For those who need to apply in the State of Georgia click HERE for information. Looking for a Job in Georgia ? Well please check HERE for a job search engine.

When I arrived home yesterday I discovered a FedEx envelope on our front step. As a sweeper that’s usually good news. Yesterday it was bittersweet at least for me. The envelope was for Darryl from Trinity. It contained his last check. I couldn’t help but hope it was a letter asking him to come back. You know what they say about the phases of grief, one of them is denial. I’m in it pretty deep. I keep hoping against hope we’ll get a call saying, “You know Darryl, we’ve reconsidered and we realize we need you here. Come back ok?” None of it seems to faze Darryl though. He’s put a pretty happy spin on it and seems annoyed that this is all troubling me so much. In the meantime he’s readying the other house for our return.

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