Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merlot Mom and the HP Magic Giveaway

Winning this giveaway from MerlotMom in conjunction with would touch many lives. Not just mine, not just my family, but the lives of my students. We are just one of many families who have been touched by these difficult economic times. Many people in my place could say that they deserve these computers by virtue of their great need. I would also ask that you examine the impact that these computers would make on the lives of my family and students.

I would love to donate one of these computers to my school. I have been teaching for seventeen years and I’m very proud of my students and want them to succeed. Many of my students still do not have access to current technology and winning this package would allow me to help in that respect.

I would like to share at least one of the computers with my son Michael. Michael is attending college through his service in the Army National Guard. He will soon be taking a break from his studies to be stationed in Iraq. I would love to be able to buy him a computer so he can keep in touch with his family and friends as well as take classes online.

Michael is an outstanding college student with a personal commitment to volunteerism and enhancing civic life in his community. While serving his country he embodies the true spirit of civic engagement and volunteerism as well as a commitment to academic excellence

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