Sunday, December 7, 2008

Share the Magic of Giving

I consider myself a compassionate person. When my sons were younger I was usually the Mom who assumed the role of class Mom and I was a Cub Scout den mother. I felt it was important to teach these boys the value of volunteering so we visited nursing homes, adopted a highway, and adopted families for the holidays.

My youngest son is now in the Army and getting ready to leave for Iraq. Over the past several years I’ve had students leave for the same destination. It is for this reason I have been involved with the Adopt a Soldier Program. We send a goodie box to soldiers once a month as well as cards and letters.

I have also contributed about 50 diabetes meters to a local church which serves many of our public housing students. Amazingly more children now than ever before have developed Type II Diabetes. It is important that we find a cure to this devastating and sometimes preventable illness.

This year I helped serve Thanksgiving meals to shut ins are part of our church’s ministry. The human contact during these visits are just as important as the sustenance itself.

As an FBLA sponsor my students are involved with the can-a-thon. These days many people are making difficult choices about what bills to pay and how to buy groceries. I think it’s important that my students learn by example the importance of giving back.

Trust me I know times are tough. I’m living that right now. My husband was laid off from his job just two weeks ago. Still you can do something, no matter how small, for others. The rewards are incalculable. Volunteerism and community spirit should be something we think of not only during the holidays but all year round.

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