Saturday, July 24, 2010

Does Law Enforcement Have Enough Probable Cause To Arrest Teri Horman

Isn't t interesting that Terri arrived at her lawyer's office around 9AM on Friday and was seen leaving the Pacwest Building around 4:45PM Friday. I don't suppose they were chatting about the weather.

As you know, Law enforcement has already searched the residences of three of Terri's associates. One of the people told the press that she and another friend of Terri Horman said they’re cooperating fully with detectives since they have nothing to hide.

Both said they feel they’ve been dragged into the investigation by simply being supportive of Terri and doing things like visiting her at her home.

I suppose if my friend had a missing child I would be there to support her. I'm certain I would take her phone calls, buy groceries, fix some freeze ahead meals and such. It's what a good friend would do. I would not LIE to the police to "protect" my friend. I would not help her conceal a child, dead or alive.

Once I understood that she was not cooperating with law enforcement to do everything she could to find her missing child, I would have to withdraw my aid and comfort.

But both said they are stepping away from the situation as much as they can because it’s simply not something they want to be connected with this any longer.

Meanwhile, a press conference is scheduled for Tuesday July 27, 2010 at the Hanson Building located at 12240 NE Glisan Portland, Oregon. The purpose of this press conference will be to provide an update of the case and respond to questions that were submitted regarding the case.

Please, Anyone with information regarding Kyron Horman whereabouts is asked to call the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office tip line 503 261-2847, or to dial 911 with emergency information.

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