Friday, July 30, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance?

Shakespeare once said that all the world's a stage. Unfortunately some people don't realize that they need more practice before they take to the stage.

While I'm certain I will never watched So You Think You can Dance, I am willing to bet this thief would be voted off early in the season. As a matter of fact she may well appear in one of those blooper cuts if she ever decided to audition.

A team of robbers takes to bizarre behavior, including dancing, while committing crimes.

The group, possibly strung out drugs, is responsible for two robberies in as many days, police said. The second was caught on surveillance video.

At a 7-Eleven on Ross Avenue on Tuesday night, a man and woman walked into the store. The man then jumped over the counter and pulled an empty bag from his crotch. He stuffed cigarettes into the sack while yelling at the clerk.

The crazed woman then climbed onto the counter and began dancing wildly

Alas, our poor robbers left with nothing because the clerk armed himself with a stick. The woman then used a checkout scanner as a weapon.

According to investigators, the woman and two other men also robbed an Exxon station at Abrams Road and Lovers Lane the day before.

During the melee, the clerk was able to wrestle the bag. Proving that crime not only doesn't pay but some people just can't dance.

Meanwhile que "I'm in the House Feat.

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