Thursday, July 1, 2010

Terri Horman Has Hired Attorney Stephen Houze

Terri Horman has hired attorney Stephen Houze.

If you recognize that name it's because he has represented Damon Stoudamire (marijuana charge)and Dr. Jayant Patel (Dr. Death)and other noted cases in Oregon.

This of course would mean the end to lie detector tests and talking to law enforcement officials. Contact with the media will probably be even more restricted.

Stephen Houze is a graduate of Brown University and Vanderbilt Law School. After spending more than three years as a trial attorney in Portland’s Metropolitan Public Defender Office, he opened his private practice in 1976.

I've been going over and over in my head why in the world would Terri have killed this little boy that she raised for seven years. Did she just want him out of the way now that there was a new baby? Did she feel that he was a threat to HER family? Is she suffering from "postpartum depression"? Was she hoping that this tragedy would draw her and Kaine closer? Was she desperate for attention and willing to sacrifice this young boy to bring her attention? When will the police release the 13 minute 911 call? Was there a struggle when Kaine tried to remove his daughter from the home? Is she really reading stories online and posting responses?

All these questions may or may not be answered eventually but most importantly we need to make sure that Kyron is found.

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