Friday, July 16, 2010

Is Terri Flaming Herself In The Forum?

Yesterday I asked the question who is HopeInVirginia?

After going through all her posts it seemed that HopeInVirginia had much to say and appeared to "protest too loudly" about Terri. Indeed HopeInVirginia may very well have been Terri or at least someone who feels a kinship with Terri perhaps familial.

I also noticed a ploy I remember from another forum of which I am a member.

In that other forum I had read a thread begun by a woman who was living with her boyfriend. He was not paying child support, he didn't have a job, and she felt that it was pretty crappy that his ex-wife was trying to take him back to court because he wasn't paying his child support. She went on and on about how the evil ex wife wanted him to pay her $100 per month and how the evil ex wife didn't deserve that. She should get out there and get a job and take care of the two kids. (This was a few years back and unemployment was not as high as it is now.)

I suggested that perhaps he needed to get a job and begin paying his child support. I suggested that he try applying at the local McDonalds or Walmart.

She went off at me telling me how evil the ex wife was and how she called her boyfriend and yelled at him.

I suggested that she take a good look at how he was living his life now because she was seeing her future.

Another person entered the thread and tore in to me. This new person told me that I had no clue whatsoever about what was going on and that it was obvious to her that the ex was a B$@&! This new poster accused me of being the same thing because I didn't realize that boyfriend was entitled to start a new life with girlfriend and ex wife needed to do the same thing and stop asking for money.

Why in the world would someone waste their first post berating me when there were other more interesting topics on the board. A new poster came online and they also used their first post to go after me.

The next post came from someone new to the post but not the forum. She wanted to know why there was such a vicious attack going. She was then attacked by all "three of them" too. Turns out that there was only one person and she created two new identities so she could argue her point.

I find it interesting that two "new posters" began posting on the Oregon site now that HopeInVirginia stopped posting. One insintel even claimed she had inside info. The other is 42State. Quite the lovefest between the "two" of them.

Perhaps "they" are one in the same. Maybe "they" are actually Terri's new personas.
notice that they were both created the same day right after "hope" disappeared.

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