Friday, July 2, 2010

Is Obama Thin Skinned? Liberal Maureen Dowd Thinks So

This is another example of a liberal pointing something out about the President that would be interpreted as "racist" had Sarah Palin said the same thing.

DOWD: Oh, he doesn't- He's- he's very unlike- You know, it's funny and I cut him a lot of slack here, because many presidents like JFK and W have rich daddies. And so, they have a lot of confidence. But he's had to develop a lot of shields. He's come up, you know, basically, as Michelle says, he was raised by wolves. So, you know, he has a lot of shields. So, he's thin-skinned. And when you're thin-skinned, you like to control the image. And he doesn't often like the image that the media has of him.

Wow, wolves? Who were the wolves? Were they his white Grandparents that raised him most of his life? Is white mother who came and went through his life? Was it his father who abandoned him when he was a young boy? Who exactly were the wolves? Just curious.

By the way, I was also interested how a "feminist" would label certain traits as being male or female.

You see in this same interview she tells Stephanopoulos that people like Hillary and Sarah Palin have traditional male traits, which is alpha, "my way or the highway."

Obama on the other hand has female management traits. Consensus, compromise, and listening to everyone.

I may just have to get my feminist handbook out, but I really believe that we were taught that men and women were the same. There were no differences. Well of course the body part difference but other than that we were all just plain old human. What about that Maureen?

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