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Who Is HopeInVA?

I am never surprised that to hear that there are two sides to every story. I may sound a bit egotistical, but there are times I think that there is one point of view that any rational person should have.

For example, I remember hearing a news story years ago about someone using duck tape to tape a dogs head so that it could not see or open its mouth and then set the dog on fire, then freed it so that it would run into the busy highway.

The dog managed to live, amazingly enough, and the suspects were eventually found and arrested. You would think that reasonable people would call for the offenders to be punished with some jail time.

I was surprised when these juveniles (ages 14-17) had a number of supporters many who passionately argued that these were just kids. Now mind you I didn't want the death penalty but I definitely wanted them to receive psychiatric help IN JAIL.

The supporters of the juveniles attacked people online claiming that they cared more about animals than people. They said over and over that we "didn't know the whole story". We were also told endlessly about innocent until guilty. Fine. When and if they were found guilty I wanted them in jail.

Recently, there has been suspicion that Terri Horman has taken to posting on Forums online.

Again, if my world was falling apart, my step-child missing, my husband leaves me AND takes my child AND wants me out of my house, I wouldn't have the time for sexting let alone posting on forums.

This is NOT to say I'm pronouncing her guilty of Kyron's disappearance. I'm putting that to the side, I'm saying that when I'm depressed, I'm not posting to forums and I'm certainly not making snarky responses.

So who is HopeInVA? (why in the heck to you pick VA anyway?) Some people believe it's none other than Terri herself. She might want to make better use of her time like packing her stuff up before she is forced to leave the marital home.

Maybe it's not Terri. Maybe it's one of her friends. Isn't it AMAZING that HopeInVA appears to be an insider of sorts. Either way how does this help find Kyron and shouldn't that be the focus?

I will read these quotes from and you decide.

if the situation were that someone was saying to their attorney, in private, without any legal secy or paralegal or unretained atty in earshot, that they were going to kill someone else, THEN the atty would be free of atty-client privilege....but otherwise, it's "to the grave". o.O. i'm sure it'll upset some of the haters & FB Gang now. pfft! :P

Posted on Landscaper wore wire, asked Terri Horman for $10,000 in murder-for-hire plot, sources say on July 08, 2010, 12:27PM

that's the logic, pfigment. took Mayberry RFD a while to get there, but i think they're close....wutz so funny is that one day the oregonian publishes a slant on the family structure one way one day, then publishes the polar opposite slant on them another day...same information.

& that's paralleled the view of the case, & the key players, from day 14.
(i would say day 1, but we all know everything had only 1 slant, versus TH, then)
Kyron's a real cutie, & I'm questoning what Drama Queen Desiree meant exactly when she said (in her very tardy, letter targeted at an adult-level reader not a 2nd grader that Kyron is) that Kyron's had a difficult life.......considering how she gave him up to Kaine & Terri rather than allowed her parents to raise him for her during her convalescence from kidney failure (transplant surgery), hard is an understatement when your own mother gives you up & you've got ice-man for a biodad.
D.Q.D. sure is a piece o'work.

Posted on Landscaper wore wire, asked Terri Horman for $10,000 in murder-for-hire plot, sources say on July 07, 2010, 10:23PM

where was phyllis?
getting ready for that move to cali

no wonder LE can't figure out where to find Kyron
given all the choices among the 5 adults (chronologically speaking only)
...KH needs to be sterilized....if he got rid of 'the boyz' in his life, he's left with only females that he can easily control...problem is that Kiara is a dead-ringer for her mother which'll bother phyllis but isn't that by design by an antisocial personality like kaine

Posted on Landscaper wore wire, asked Terri Horman for $10,000 in murder-for-hire plot, sources say on July 08, 2010, 7:58AM

that's Drama Queen D for ya...such a tool
can anyone really not understand how her & Kaine's marriage broke up -- they're both icier than an glacier in the Alps; blood freezes up in their veins

Posted on Landscaper wore wire, asked Terri Horman for $10,000 in murder-for-hire plot, sources say on July 07, 2010, 9:41PM

attorney-client privilege is gonna fully protect SM so there's no way she won't tell him every detail that she's aware of, not only about herself but cold-blooded Kaine, ice princess Desiree, & so forth. she has nothing to lose in telling Houze. plus, he's sorta cute so why not.

Posted on Landscaper wore wire, asked Terri Horman for $10,000 in murder-for-hire plot, sources say on July 07, 2010, 9:41PM

she certainly did - a true professional body builder .. get back to the gym, TH & get on some sports mag covers....older gals need an inspiration, which TH truly is.

Posted on Landscaper tells detectives Terri Moulton Horman offered him money to kill her husband on July 04, 2010, 9:07AM

anytime you have a father taking a 2 yo child from it's mother, the mother's instinct will be to protect that child with all she's got; Kaine sprung this on her, I'm sure it was totally out of the blue, I'm sure he discussed it with his divorce attorney prior to the heinous act & the divorce attorney (NOT LE) told him what to do; if Kaine did as he was instructed, he baited Terri into argument & possibly pushing/shoving or threats as emotions ran high, which gave him what he needed to file the TRO

LE would NOT have told him to move out with Kiara, steal Kiara, or file for divorce from TH. TH could sue them & win.
LE WOULD HAVE removed Kiara themselves, with child protective services, IF they thought Kiara's life was endangered or threatened in any way. LE DIDN'T.

Kaine did. all on his own.
while Kyron, HIS SON, was/IS Missing.
Tells you something about his priorities, his cold, calculating, remorseless, unethical, immoral character. JMHO, of course.

Posted on Detectives press on in Kyron Horman investigation as costs mount and boy remains missing on July 03, 2010, 4:24AM

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