Sunday, July 4, 2010

Landscaper Says Terri Horman Wanted Him To Kill Her Husband!

Right from the beginning I have been trying to figure out why a step-mother would murder a child she had raised almost since birth.

It would seem that if he were an infant then the motive may have be jealousy. Perhaps she wanted her husband for her very own or much like a cowbird. Cowbirds will lay its eggs in another bird nest. Starvation will often kill the host's chicks. In some species the cowbird chick will use its large size to push the other chicks out of the nest.

I wondered about the fact that she now had a baby girl and if perhaps Kyron's gender played in to his disappearance. There have been cases in which children were killed because they were the wrong sex. Was she even fearful that little Kyron might pose some kind of "threat" to her child.

Was insurance involved? Did she wrack up a lot of debt and then decided that Kyron was the one to sacrifice.

Did Kyron stand in her way? If so what kind of impediment did he pose?

None of these things make sense to a normal person, but then again how many NORMAL people go around killing children? People who do that have flawed thinking (understatement of the year).

Then this morning it is announced that A landscaper who worked for Kyron Horman's family at their rural Northwest Portland home told authorities that the missing boy's stepmom offered to pay him to kill her husband.

Turns out the landscaper told authorities that Terri Moulton Horman approached him with the murder-for-hire plot six to seven months before Kyron disappeared. It sure would have been nice if he could have gone to the police right away on that one.

My best friend went through a contentious divorce as did I. No doubt in a moment of anger or hopelessness we muttered the words, "I could just kill him." Neither one of us sought out a hitman because as crazy and out of control as our life felt we certainly would never have decided to actually kill another human being. It just wasn't in our nature.

It was this revelation to the father that prompted him to leave Terri and take his small daughter with him.

Then comes the question? Why kill this child? Let's say that Kaine is the most evil SOB who ever walked the face of the earth for the sake of argument. Perhaps you feel the only way to escape years of abuse and infidelity is to kill him. Why kill the child?

Did she feel the child knew something that could derail her plans? Did he witness an affair and she was afraid that he may tell his father. If so, he might leave her before the hit goes down and then she might lose the insurance she hopes to gain? Did she kill him to hurt her husband, perhaps feeling that life without his son would be a living death for him?

What is important right now is that Kyron is found. Someone, somewhere knows something and that bit of knoweldge could be the key to bringing Kyron home.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Kyron Horman is asked to call the Multnomah County Sheriff's tip line at 503-261-2847.

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