Sunday, October 17, 2010

40 Days Of Gratitude

I was speaking to my students the other day about focus and I realize that it's been awhile since I focused upon the things for which I am grateful. I decided to spend a few minutes every day being grateful.

I have much to be grateful for today so narrowing it down to one thing was difficult but I would have to say I was grateful for a Scandle Massage.

My husband offered to give me a massage with Scandle Candle soy oil candle. I had done a review on this product before and I had given my husband a massage back then. The Scandle candle is all natural and are made from FDA approved ingredients including shea butter, cosmetic grade soy butter, jojoba, vitamin E, & body safe fragrance or essential oils. It had a wonderful scent and it made my skin feel soft but definitely not greasy.

I had always hoped to have a husband that loved and cared for me and I am so grateful for my husband. After the stressful week I had last week, I really needed a massage. While this is not a commercial for Scandle Massage Candles I would certainly buy them again as long as my husband is the one doing the massage.

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