Monday, October 25, 2010

Day Nine Of Forty Days Of Gratitude

Today began with a big bang.

I had just taken the dogs back in after they had done their "business" when I heard a loud crack. It took me by surprise but almost immediately afterwards it sounded as though the sky opened up and the rain began to pour. I can only assume that my dogs were glad to have gotten back in before the rain began to fall because they both hate getting wet.

Sadly the weather was a factor in two wrecks right outside the front of the school. One of the cars was being driven by one of our teachers. She is doing fine and that's certainly good news.

Thankfully today I finished the PowerPoint that Mrs. F had asked me to update. I'm glad that's off my plate.

I was able to take a walk around the gym today. One of the secretaries told me that walking around the gym twelve times equals a mile. I was able to walk around six times during lunch. When Darryl got home he and I took a walk. The evening was warm without that wonderful breeze but it was still great walking weather.

I am grateful for my two dogs who always greet me as though I'm walking through the door carrying steaks. We got them both from the shelter years ago and they have brought me much happiness. Even as I am writing this they are both lying by the couch as though they can't bear for us to be apart.

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