Monday, October 4, 2010

I Won Again

My decision to buy lottery tickets with my buy one get one free tickets as well as my free ticket wins paid off for me in a small way.

I used the same strategy as I did last time, looking for a series of used scratch offs that were tossed away and selecting the next available one from that game. I lost on my first ticket but won $7 on my second ticket.

I was shocked to discover that I actually matched THREE numbers on Mega Millions, one of them the Mega Number. This netted me $10 additional dollars.

The funny story was a non-win. I checked my pick 4 ticket. I handed the cashier my coupon and just asked for 2 Pick 4 tickets. I wound up being in the evening drawing and since I don't generally play this game I had no clue about box or straight. She handed me back my tickets and they've sat in my purse all week. When I checked the number it turned out that three IF's stood in the way of me almost winning $1,200.

The first thing was the time of day I purchased my ticket. Had I purchased them an hour earlier I would have been in the morning drawing. Had I realized that I could have asked for box I could have had the numbers in any order and my numbers began 75 and not 57. The final problem was the third number was off by one. You see I ad three of the four numbers and for that I get Jack Nothing. Oh well, better luck next time.

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