Friday, October 22, 2010

Day Six Of Gratitude

Today I created my first test on Quia. I used to do all my tests online using a different program but that program stopped offering using it online. Very sad because it was easy to use. Well today I was able to create my first test and it was relatively easy to figure out even without using the directions. It only took me two guesses to figure out how to do it.

What I love about giving the tests online is that they are graded for me. It saves lots of time both on the grading side as well as on the copying side. Very green if you know what I mean.

I truly am grateful because I sure could use the help.

After work today we ran over to Lowes to pick out my counter top and sink. I will be getting a banjo sink. Instead of getting a double sink that's equal size, a banjo sink is one where one sink is bigger. Who knew? I liked the concept so that's what we are getting. I also selected a countertop today but I was surprised as at the one I selected. I thought I'd get one that was closer to a rose quartz but instead I ordered a different one that had not rose tint. I'm so very excited about this kitchen I can hardly believe this is finally happening.

Dinner tonight was at McDonalds and we won 60 more Mycokerewards. Now we have enough to get another magazine subscription. I am excited. We also have enough instant food wins to get two meals tomorrow from McDonalds.

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