Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 10 Of Forty Days of Gratitude

This afternoon, just before my husband and I went for a walk a slight mist filled the air. I had stepped out with the dogs before we left and I looked up to see a rainbow. I stared at it for a moment and decided to dash inside for my camera.

In a matter of minutes I was back outside with my camera but the sun had moved ever so slightly and the rainbow had disappeared. In that moment I thought about how fleeting time can be and even the smallest shift in our paradigm can change everything. Then just as suddenly, just as unexpectedly, the rainbow once again graced the sky and I was able to take some photos. I was grateful for the beauty I was able to behold, if only for a few moments.

Darryl and I did go for a walk. I've been worried because my clothes seem to be fitting me different even though the scale is telling me that I weigh the same. For example I took out a pair of size five slacks that I have warn in the past but just as I got to my hips I had to give them a slight tug and a jiggle before I was able to get them on. I was able to zip them up and button them without sucking anything in but it just didn't feel right. Not too tight but not the way I liked for them to feel.

To be honest I used to walk about 10,000 steps per day and I have no earthly clue what I walk now but I'm certain it's not that much. I'm spending so much time on the computer trying to get caught up with all the stuff they want me to have accomplished with these new requirements.

I decided to try to do more walking but yesterday's rains prevent me from walking the school track. Instead I've been doing the inside gym walk. I wound up walking around the perimeter eight times today while at school and then I walked with Darryl on our usual walk. I think I should wear a pedometer to get a better idea of how far I'm really walking.

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