Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 11 Of Forty Days Of Gratitude

The day began with a heavy downpour. Despite that my drive to work was uneventful.

I found if I ate my lunch very quickly I could just about run over to the gym to to my walk. I can then make four complete loops. I forgot to bring my pedometer but hopefully I will remember to do that real soon.

Today is our "favorite" day of the week because it's duty day. Every Wednesday we do morning duty and bus duty. Due to a faculty meeting after school, our afternoon bus duty was cut short.

Today we watched disk three of the Ruby Payne series, our boss decided that disk two was not necessary to watch. I try to look for one interesting story on the DVD and today's story was her story about taking a photo of a man in Haiti. The person in Haiti was handed a photo and he didn't seem to understand how his photo did not represent him in a 3D manner.

After school today I ran over to Walmart to buy my Halloween costume. It's a sort of witch costume with a big purple hat. Just as I was headed for the check-out I ran into a former student. I asked what he was doing and he told me that he was working and going to school. I was so very happy and grateful that I got to hear the my encouragement to further his education helped make a difference.

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