Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 12 Of Forty Days Of Gratitude

Today was another long day. I had to stay after school for our semi-annual meeting with people from the business community. I like how the meetings run now that we began inviting kids from our classes to talk about what they have learned. I actually thought of that idea a couple of years ago and I think it really hits a chord with everyone who attends.

Today I received a box with new Hershey's Dots. I haven't tried them yet but they look like M&M's without the candy shell.

I heard an interesting challenge today. The challenge was to complete the sentence I AM ___________. What am I? Am I generous? I feel I am. I try to be generous with my possessions and my time. I often go out of my way for others.

I am a good wife. Darryl says I am and I try to be but is that true?

I need to concentrate more on what I am and not what I am not. I need to concentrate more on becoming a better person. I need to define what it is I want to be.

Today my moment of gratitude was some smiles from students. I made a special point today to pay more attention to kids I normally don't spend more time with. They seemed so flattered and each of them smiled. This is a lesson that I should put into practice more on a daily basis.

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