Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jennifer Petkov Loses Custody Of Her Children

Lest you missed this story, Jennifer Petkov decided to post disturbing pictures on Facebook of a neighbor's seven year old granddaughter who is dying of Huntington’s Disease. The girl's mother had also died from the same disease.

Jennifer being the kind of girl she is decided to post photos of the young girl being held by the grim reaper clutching the young girl in an effort to punish the neighbor's Grandmother who has been raising the girl.

Kathleen is battling juvenile Huntington’s disease, a progressive, genetic disorder that destroys the brain and causes death. There is no way to stop or reverse the disease, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke website.

Jennifer seems to have been very busy this week as she was arrested this week. She allegedly attempted to hit a neighbor with her car. The woman pressing charges wasn’t related to Kathleen Edward, the little girl Jennifer was taunting, but she was on her way to visit the family.

Meanwhile there has been an outpouring of support, and this week Kathleen went on a $2000 shopping spree at Tree Town Toys in Ann Arbor, thanks to generous donations made by people who have learned of the story.

As for Jennifer, well she has lost custody of her own children recently as the the father of the children filed for emergency custody. Let's hope this is a better situation for these children. While the neighbor girl is the obvious victim in all this, the Petkov children are really the invisible victims in this entire sad affair.

Don't look for Jennifer to be canonized for Sainthood in this lifetime. Don't worry Jennifer, there may well be a special place in hell reserved just for someone of your caliber.

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