Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Day In The Life Of A Sweeper

So what is a sweeper's day really like?

Your day begins by checking your mail for ANY winning emails.  This means that you have to make a quick look-see in your spam box to prevent deleting a potential big WIN.

The next thing I do is begin entering sweeps on my go-to sweepstakes site, Online-Sweepstakes.  As a Premium member I have more sweepstakes available to enter than folks who only access the site as a freebie.  This is not to say that you still can't win things even if you are not a premium member.  It simply means that you have more opportunities to win.

As you know I have been making a concentrated effort to enter more sweepstakes in more mediums than I have been lately.  I will admit I had become complacent and lazy but I'm working to turn that around.  So today I traveled with a cut out of Charlie the Tuna to snap photos to show where Starkist and I have been.

I took Charlie to the mall and took some snapshots at this piece of local art they have on the mall concourse.   I felt it would make for good background.

Imagine for a second you are at the mall shopping the back-to-school sales and you notice some woman snapping photos of a cut out of Charlie the tuna that she has laid out on various locations of the mall sculpture.  I did get some looks but I am not one to let that deter me.  I snapped my photos and put Charlie away for his next photo op.

So what will I win for my strange behavior?  The Grand Prize Winner in the Charlie on The Go Sweepstakes will win a Sorry Charlie T-shirt, pair of StarKist ear buds, Starkist baseball cap, Wi-Fi enabled camera, selfie stick, online photo printing service gift certificate and two product vouchers for free Starkist Pouch products (ARV $600)

If I don't win the grand prize there are daily prizes which include:   Sorry Charlie T-shirt, pair of StarKist ear buds, Starkist baseball cap, and d two product vouchers for free Starkist Pouch products. (ARV $50)

I'd be happy winning either prize honestly. Who wouldn't want a Sorry Charlie T-shirt!

After stopping at the mall I headed over to Dunkin' Donuts.  They loved me enough to give me a FREE medium drink for my birthday.  I had decided to claim my gift a couple of days early.  Of course I had to take a couple of selfie there as though I was a teenager because Dunkin' Donuts seems to have a lot of Instagram and Twitter contests.  Although I don't know of any going on right now I take them and file them away for later.

When I arrived home I had to take another photo for my #CokeGrabSummer Instagram contest.  Today's entry was a photo of a letter of encouragement left for a friend.  I typed one up for my hubby and for extra points I made sure that my McDonald's Cup of Coke was displayed prominently in the photo.

Before you say something about how cheesy you might feel receiving a letter that I used in a sweepstakes, know this, my husband married into this.  He has enjoyed the fruit of my wins often enough to make it easy for him to overlook the commercialization of the note.  Nothing personal was in the note.  It contained a message of encouragement I had sent to all my Twitter followers today on my Friday shout-outs.  So no he is not upset at all.

Is it all worth it?  Perhaps.  I will tell you that I enjoy receiving winning emails and surprise visits from the UPS guy.  Like today when I arrived home from my errands to discover a box filled with Balance Bars S'mores.  It was kind of like an early birthday gift.  So I would say that for me sweeping is worth it.

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