Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Very Merry UnBirthday...

Darryl informed me earlier this week that we would be celebrating my birthday a day early.  I was not opposed with that for two reasons.  The first reason was that I was still young enough to celebrate my 55th birthday since I was only 54.  (lol)  The second reason it didn't bother me was because throughout my childhood my father's work schedule required us to sometimes celebrate holidays and/or birthdays either pre- or post the actual event.

After I worked out at the gym and got changed we set out to cross off the do's on our to do list and then commence the most important part of the birthday process, the ceremonial cake eating.

We would up eating at Applebees although that was not the original plan.  Darryl had planned to take me on a brewery tour in Dallas but we got such a late start that we never made the tour.

With visions of sugary birthday cake dancing in my head I ordered a weight watches meal from the menu.  The Applebees Savory Plank Salmon meal was only 520 calories.  My only complaint was that they should have used a smaller plate to make the portions seem bigger.  An old dieting trick that fools my tummy most of the time.

After lunch the plan was to rent a FREE movie from Red Box and head home to answer the siren's call of that birthday cake.  Wouldn't you know it.  The movie I wanted to see, "God is Not Dead" was all rented out so I held off renting a movie for one more day.

Once home I knew there was reason to cheer because there may be 364 unbirthdays a year this one would be celebrated with cake from Barbara's Bakery.

So what's so great about Barbara's Bakery?  To start with Barbara.  She is so effervescent that she will steal your heart away.  "Try this she beckons"  "This just came out of the oven.  You'll love it!"

Barbara's Bakery is a Mom & Pop bakery that bakes everything by hand on location.  I was not surprised to learn that they have won awards for her goodies.  If it wasn't for those dreaded calories I'd eat there every day!!!!

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