Saturday, August 16, 2014

African-American Males Are Murdered At A Rate 6 Times Higher Than For Whites

I have always found it interesting that Liberals proclaim that by the virtue of their incredibly high IQ's and scientific acuity THEY alone can make rational decisions based upon reason and not emotion.
Recently the shooting death of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri has the talking heads in an uproar about young black males being targeted for murder.
I would concur that they are. As a matter of fact statistics bear this out with the odds that an African-American male will be murdered about 6 times higher than for whites according to Bureau of Justice Statistics.
The vast majority of murders are intra-racial.  This means that generally whites kill white and blacks kill blacks.  As a matter of fact according to government statistics 93% of all murders committed by whites are against white victims, and 83% of all murders committed by African-American are against black victims.  
Having said all this, I was deeply concerned when I learned about the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed youth by a uniformed police officer in Ferguson.  It was and is  a tragedy when anyone is murdered.  
My heart cries out for the murder victims in Chicago where the death toll surpassed the number of Americans killed in Afghanistan.  Could it be that there are no shouts of "No Justice. No Peace" in Chicago because these these murders are primarily intra-racial?  Do these murders not have the talking heads demanding something be done because 79% of the murder victims in Chicago have prior records?  Do Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson not feel that these lives also had value or is a victim's only value the race of the perpetrator?
Big Mike, the "Gentle Giant" was portrayed as a young man eager to begin college before being gunned down in the street for no other reason other than he was a "Black Man Walking".  
Since then we have seen photos of this gentle soul committing a strong armed robbery of a local convenience store.  
Does this mean that Michael Brown should be shot for stealing a little less than $50 worth of merchandise?  No.  Is that what happened.  I don't know.  I am waiting to hear what the autopsy says about where he was shot and how many times he was shot.  Then again, I have the luxury of waiting because Big Mike was not my son.  My sons were not shot to death.  I can understand that the family wants answers NOW!
My problem is that the talking heads on TV seem quick to jump on board and hype stories that portray the narrative that black youths are endangered by white men who seek to kill them at every opportunity for no other reason than their race.  
These same "journalists"  ignore black on white crime and for that matter black on black crime.  There were no nightly updates about the brutal Shannon Christian and Christian Newman murders.  Have you even heard of the Witchita Massacre which prosecutors refused to treat as a race crime?  
I suppose those really smart journalists choose to ignore the fact that the according to Bureau of Justice Statistics that when inter-racial crime is committed it is more likely to be black on white than the opposite.
Let's take a look at what the Bureau of Justice statistics has to say:[i]pdf/cvus06.pdf Table 42, Violent Crime Rates by Race:

-The Black-on-White rate was 35 times more than White-on-Black.
-Black-on-White rape rate was 84; White-on-Black rape was statistically insignificant and listed as zero.
“Criminal Victimization in the United States” DOJ Table 48, race of “multiple offender” (gangs) and their victim/s involved in violent crimes:
-In 2005 Blacks committed 70 times more such crimes against Whites than Whites committed against Blacks.
-In 2008 Blacks committed 147,749 such crimes against Whites; Whites committed ten against Blacks.
-The DOJ stopped identifying the race of gang crime offenders in 2008. I can’t imagine why.
Note: The DOJ lists Blacks as the victims of “hate crimes” 30% MORE than Whites (NCJ244409, Characteristics of Violent Hate Crime Victims).
The point I am trying to make is this, let us be outraged at the deaths of young African-American males in this country.  Let us not get wrapped up in the media hype and take a good look at the statistics as well as studies that give us insight as to what can be done to turn this all around.

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