Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Violence Erupts in Post Racist MO

Protesters in Ferguson attacked police cars and looted and burned a QuickTrip to the ground early Sunday morning..

Protesters also  looted a tire store on Chambers road and stole hair extensions from a Hollywood Beauty store.  There were reports that the violence and looting spread into the neighboring area of Dellwood where AutoZone, Taco Bell, and other businesses were vandalized.

In one instance an officer said his home was "kicked-in" and he had a shoot-out with the looters.

The aftermath of the rioting thirty-two people were arrested and two officers injured.


Last night the violence continued as people began rioting and looting in the Galleria mall in St. Louis.   Several stores were evacuated and the mall was closed shortly after 6 PM.

Police also had to shut down a section of Interstate 270 in North St. Louis County because rioters were throwing bricks onto the highway.

What triggered all this violence?  Michael Brown, an unarmed young man who was supposed to begin college on Monday was shot ten times by police on Saturday.

According to the St. Louis County Police Chief, the officer who fired upon Michael Brown tried to leave his vehicle just before the shooting.  Brown pushed the officer back into the car "where he physically assaulted the police officer and struggled over the officer's weapon. There is a claim that a shot had been fired inside the police car.

According to the police version of the incident,Michael Brown was allegedly shot as he attempted to flee.

Brown's friend Dorian Johnson tells a different story about the incident saying that he and Brown had been confronted by the officer when they ignored his order to get out of the street.

According to Johnson the officer reached his arm out of the window and grabbed Brown by the neck in an attempt to pull him into the squad car.

Johnson claims that when Brown was shot he turned around and put his hands in the air.  The officer, however continued to approach with his weapon drawn and fired several more shots at Brown.

This case has launched its own investigation into the case which is separate than the one that has been launched by the St. Louis County Police.

The officer's identity will be revealed within today around 2 PM.


Police say that they won't be releasing the name of the officer who shot and killed the unarmed teen, Michael Brown.  Due to death threats that were called in to the police department and posted on social media.

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