Monday, August 4, 2014

Do You Take Surveys?

Do you do the surveys at the bottom of your receipts?  I tend to take the "What's in it for ME" approach to these things.  Will I get something free for completing the survey?  Will I be entered into a sweepstakes?

If I get a freebie I am more motivated to complete the survey but in my renewed efforts in trying to boost my winnings I've decided to complete more of the surveys that give me a chance to WIN.

Yesterday I took the survey at the bottom of my Jamba Juice receipt.

I also took the survey at the bottom of the Dunkin' Donuts receipt for a code for a free donut when you buy a medium or larger beverage.

Darryl used a coupon to get a deal on some new shoes at Payless.  I completed the survey at the bottom of that receipt to get a code for $2 off my next pre-tax purchase of $7.99 or more.

While all these other receipts were for instant gratification, the survey I completed for Red Robin Gourmet Burgers was not.  I did get an entry to win $1,000.  I did NOT win instantly!

Since a trip back to Disney is high on my to do list I'm making a special effort to try to win another trip to Disney.  With this in mind I decided to enter a twitter sweepstakes for a 4 day/3 night trip to Kissimmee which includes a day at Disney.  Hot dog!  The Sweepstakes is called the Tweet2Repeat Kissimmee Vacation Sweepstakes.  To enter you must follow @Kissimmee on Twitter then tweet what you would like to experience on your Kissimmee Vacation.

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