Friday, August 8, 2014

Crack Is Wack

I spend most of the morning yesterday shopping for my trip to Germany.  I thought I was ready, but a quick evaluation of my closet I realized I needed a few more things. To that end, I purchased a pair of shorts and four short sleeve blouses.

Such a busy morning and I was able to squeeze in some pizza moment at Target.  With the first bite I heard a cracking sound. This couldn't be a good sign I thought as my teeth continued their downward moment.  That's when I felt something that didn't feel like personal pan pizza.  It turns out my temporary cap wasn't cemented in well enough and was now in my bite of pizza.  How "wack" is that?

I removed the tooth from my mouth with as much class as I could muster and headed straight for my dentist.  The fix was quick and the dental assistant assured me that these things happen and if it happens again I should let them know.

I received an email yesterday letting me know that I won a copy of the book, Ride Around Shining.  The books is about  a young white chauffeur and his wealthy black employer, an NBA player.  It seems as though I'm more likely win a book than anything else but since I love to read I'm not complaining.

I found two more text sweeps and promptly entered each one one.  The first one requires you to text DDRocks to 30364.  Five people  will win a trip for two to a Live Nation concert.  Additionally 25,000 music downloads will be given away, along with 50,000 limited-edition digital prints from Rock Paper Photo, the online fine art photography gallery.  Another 2,500 people will win $25 in Live Nation Concert Cash.

The second text sweep was for the Mars Game Day Satisfaction Sweepstakes.  Forty people will each win a Microsoft Xbox One Entertainment System and EA SPORTS Madden NFL 15 Game.  Second place is an EA SPORTS Madden NFL 15 Game.  Third Place is a one-month Xbox Live Gold Membership.  To enter you need to text Snickers to 78787.

It's been awhile since I've entered any Pinterest Contests because it seems like I've fallen behind on everything with the trip to Branson, etc.  In keeping my resolution to enter more sweepstakes in different forms I entered Brilliant Earth's Celebrate Summer Love Sweepstakes which has a Grand Prize of a $1,000 GC to their store.

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