Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hey Look Me Over

Looking over my progress in my fitness plan since the Texas heat drove me back inside the gym I realize that I am not doing the same amount of aerobic work I had been doing previously.  I was running about 3 miles a day before the weather drove me back inside.  Now I am only doing about a mile or so on either the treadmill or the elliptical.  Admittedly when I run I do not do weights so I suppose it all equals out in the end.

I desperately want to look slender and "good for my age" when we visit my son in Germany.  Having said this I was certainly surprised about an incident that happened later in the day.

I had to stop by Target for a few things and while I was there I stopped by the in-store Starbucks for a Green Tea Frappe for tomorrow.

While I was waiting for my drink a woman and two men stepped up to the counter.  One of the men, a very large man, asked me if I had already ordered.  I smiled at him and his companions and said that I had.  Right at that moment, the other gentlemen smiled a big smile and his eyes looked me up and down in a way that was threatening or offensive but more like he was admiring me.

WHAT?  This guy was much younger than me.  I wager to say that he was younger than my husband but here he was his eyes lit up like a kid a Christmas smiling that goofy smile that men sometimes will when they see something they like.

WEIRD. When I was younger men did look.  They often smiled at me, or whistled, or beeped their car horns, etc. but I never really felt comfortable with it.  I never saw myself as very pretty even though I'd had more than a few men tell me that in my youth.

Do I think I'm movie-star or cover-girl pretty after this interaction?  No. I will let you in on a little secret though, even at my age its still nice to be desirable.

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