Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Bit Of Rain And A Lot of Gray

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Well as you can see we survived the storm. It was pretty intense but there was no hail. This morning I found a turtle outside. Not a little one but about one about the site of a pee-wee football. He was scouting out the worms that were all over the driveway because of the storm. It was cloudy this morning but now it started raining again.

I noticed that came by and checked out my blog. I had found that contest by reading a tweet on twitter. Isn't that funny. Just hours before the contest was due to close and there it was. It didn't hurt to enter huh? I think it would be great if I could win a trip to the BlogHer Conference. I've been to Chicago twice before and have seen pretty much everything I wanted to see there.

I've been working hard at twittering. I have no earthly clue if that will help me promote ThriftyMaven but it's worth a try. I think I put out dozens of tweets.

I just don't understand how everyone else seems to get companies approaching them to review their products or run giveaways. So far every single one I've held has either been because I've contacted the company or it's a contest that I've paid for the prize shipping and all. It's frustrating and I just need to learn how to get this going. I don't know when my cut-off point is. How long do I do this before I finally say forget it and cut ThriftyMaven loose.

Tommorrow is the sweepers meeting and I can't wait. I'm very excited about that. I always look forward to those meetings. We couldn't go last time because we were moving.

Here are the blogs I entered today:

Prize: Kodak ESP7 All-in-One printer (ARV $199.99).

Prize: $50 Photo Fiddle gift certificate.

Prize: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie gift basket from The Pacific Cookie Company (ARV $42.95).

Prizes (5): Ghosts of Girlfriends Past prize pack

Prizes (2): Box of Electrasol Finish Quantum dishwashing detergent and bottle of Jet Dry Turbo Dry.

Prize: $50 Photo Fiddle gift certificate.

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