Monday, May 18, 2009

No News....Good News?

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Some social networking sites are filled with unhappy people. I belong to such a site and although I seldom post there it’s interesting to watch as they tear each other apart and bemoan their current life situation. Everything that is wrong in their life is someone else’s fault and someone else’s responsibility to change. It’s almost a demented looking at the train wreck fascination for me. Which is not to say that I never learn anything by going on to that site. When the recipe contest was going on I asked for people to vote for me and some people did. Other people tore me a new one for asking and cast dispersions on me for even bothering to ask. Today I spent way too much of my time lurking and posting pleasantries. I’m certain my time could have been better spent.

Speaking of the recipe contest, today was the day they were supposed to decide upon a winner. I was afraid to check back on the site figuring it would be bad luck to do so. Finally I could wait no more. I went to the Blogher to see that the contest said only that the winners would be announced soon. I shrugged. I must have lost. It’s always easier to accept my loss when it’s an abstract. I haven’t seen it in black and white so that feeling of being punched in the stomach hasn’t registered yet.

Then right about 2 o’clock this afternoon the phone rang. Since my phone is locked in the closet I heard it ring and then I heard the noise that said someone left a message. I was hopeful. Perhaps they were calling me. Maybe they were letting me know I was the big winner. I could hardly wait for Fifth period to end so my planning period could start and I could check my phone. Then the phone rang again. Once again the sound of a message being left happened. I went from thinking it was the contest people to thinking it was the Starbucks people.

The bell rang and after the kids cleared the room I ran to get my phone. The number was local so I thought it was Starbucks. It was simply a wrong number that had rung too long causing two different messages of breathing and then a click.

I decided to call Starbucks since they didn’t call me. I spoke to the Manager Josh who was actually very nice and he will be leaving me a bunch of grounds on Saturday and some free beverage coupons. I was actually crying when I spoke to him because I was just so wound up from everything.

Tomorrow will be the last day I see many of my seniors until graduation day. I will miss many of them. I did my exams slightly different this year making them entirely performance based rather than using rote memorization. We’ll see how that works.

When I came home Darryl and I worked for a little while transferring our veggies from containers into the ground. I think we were both surprised how big some onions were while other onions were very small.

While we were working the UPS guy came. I told Darryl it was probably for him. It turned out I was only half right. One thing was for Darryl and the other was for me. It seems I finally one one of those pocket video cams I have been trying so hard to win. It's pink my favorite color. I'm so excited and i can hardly wait to use it. It holds up to 2 hours of video. It also claims to be easy to upload to Youtube and photobucket.

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