Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shameless Promotion And Vote Begging

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One of the things i was planning to do on my site was start a series of articles about contests and sweepstakes. I figured I'd do that this summer when work wasn't as pressing. Then I received word that I'm one of the eight FINALISTS for a recipe contest. The grand prize would be a trip to the BlogHer Conference. Don't get me wrong, that would be an amazing experience and I would be able to learn things I could bring back to my students. What I'm hoping to win is one of the $500 gift cards for FREE groceries.

This puts the ThriftyMaven in a bit of a peculiar situation. In order to win I need votes. Vote contests are my least favorite contests beause you have to beg and plead with friends and strangers to vote for your entry. I'm asking you to consider helping out a starving blogger by voting for my recipe.

So in a big departure from my normal format I'm begging, pleading, crawling on hands and knees for you to go to:

and vote for my recipe

Thanks ahead of time.

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