Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

Mike called me this morning. I love hearing from my sons on Mother's Day. He was talking about his plans for when he gets home for his vacation and his plans for when he marries Leslie. Mike also said I could add him as a friend on Facebook. Well who would have thunk it.

Here's what is going on with This morning I checked the traffic for my site and it said that there were 605 hits over the last 24 hours. I also found that if you googled free things to do Mother's Day my site was ranked eigth. Just a month ago my site wouldn't show up on the first page and now I showed up number eight. I'm learning. I'm learning.

Here's what I don't seem to get or understand. I was looking at the Arts section of the paper. I like to see what the top books are and read about new books. One of the new books they talked about was written by a blogger who talks about her life, her depression, and raising her daughter. She has so many people who follow her blog she's making $40,000 a MONTH. Not a year a MONTH from her blog. Her husband has quit his job to help manage their "blog empire". Me? Well I guess I've earned exactly 50 cents unless you factor in in-kind things I've received like my new glasses which were free saving us money. That was $100. If you get real broad about the whole thing and factor in the cost of the prizes I've given away and subtract from that the amount that I've paid for out of my own pocket, well now we are talking $$125.

I really wondered if anyone was reading this blog but I have discovered that two people actually do. It's like with anything else, are you delivering the product that people really want. I can see that I'm not and with my limited time, I don't know how to do that with this blog. On the other hand right now I feel like I'm running in a gerbil wheel and I suppose the content shows just that. UGH

Well here are the blog contests I entered today:

Prize: $50 Photofiddle gift certificate.

Prize: Betty Crocker's The Mixer gift basket filled with a mixing spoon, spatula, measuring spoons and cups, whisk, liquid measuring cup and a Betty Crocker Magazine.

Prize: Kodak EasyShare digital camera (ARV $89.99).

Prize: $100 American Airlines gift card.

Prize: Wet Ones will stock one winner's school of choice with 2 cannisters of Wet Ones per classroom.

Prize: Choice of one dozen mini cupcakes from Cupcakes Gourmet.

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