Sunday, March 8, 2009

1 Dead, 4 Injured in Shooting at First Baptist Church in Illinois

Gloved hand aiming gun

I think the reason this story caught my interest was because one of Darryl's uncle's is named Fred Winters. I knew it wasn't Darryl's uncle but still a church shooting? Those don't happen every day thank God. This Fred Winters was a Senior Pastor at the first Baptist Church in Maryville, IL. He used the Bible he was reading out of to shield himself from bullets being pumped at him from an unknown gunman who opened fire during Sunday services. A man entered the church during the 8 am services, walked down the isle and started shooting, injuring five people, before being stabbed by a parishioner

Today was another day of boxing things for the move. I packed some clothes, china, and plain old stuff. Boy am I pooped. I did run up to Arby's to try my free roast burger. It was pretty good. I was happy to see they had a sugar free lemonade so I was even able to get my drink.

I did go to Target this morning to get my prescription. The lady yesterday couldn't find it but this one actually looked for it and was able to find it.

I think what surprised me about Target today was how empty the parking lot was. I realize that it was Sunday but gee usually by noon that parking lot was filled. When I went by Target yesterday the parking lot was pretty empty too. It's weird seeing the old Circuit City Building empty.

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