Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blog Contest False Start


I honestly thought i was going to be able to launch my blog contest on Thrifty Maven today but as of right this minute it doesn't seem like this is in the cards. You see I already have about 90 or so people signed up for that blog and once i have 100 people registered I won't be able to allow anymore. Darryl is supposed to fix that for me but the program he bought to do that didn't work. Now he is working on getting that fixed.

That Nyquil we bought yesterday did wonders for me. For the first time this week I've begun to feel human.

I heard about a new movie that I'm interested in seeing. It's called a Haunting in Connecticut. We had seen it on TV as a very frightening TV show. Now it's been made into a movie. Supposedly is a true story but I hear that was debunked a long time ago on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show. Gosh remember that show? Turns out the boy had mental issues and was allegedly groping the girls.

blog contest:
Prize: Fairytale Brownies Easter box.

Prize: Rice-A-Roni.

Prize: Keurig Platinum Coffee Brewer (ARV $169.95).

(3) Fiber One Fiber Friend Gift Basket

Prizes (2): Air Bud DVD.

Prize: Pair of glasses from

Prize: Book club edition of Intent to Kill: A Novel of Suspense by James Grippando.

Prizes (2): Pair of Keds Green Label shoes.

Prizes (2): Pair of Keds Green Label shoes.

Prizes (3): Pair of Keds Green Label shoes.

Prize: TurboTax Deluxe online (ARV $65).

Prizes (8): Australia DVD.

Prizes (3): Fiber One gift basket.

Prize: Box of personalized My Fruit Roll-Ups (ARV $30).

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