Saturday, March 7, 2009

All Dressed Up And No Ice Cream

Women in pajamas

Today was PJ day at Bruster's. I had it all planned out. I was going to go to the library and finally retrieve our latest edition of Dallas. I checked out the book: Hot, Flat, and Crowded. I checked out the booksale and bought a couple of books on tape that were on sale two for $1.

From there I was on my way to the CVS in Cartersville. I wanted to check to see if there were any more of those gift packs on sale. I got such great deals this week on gifts at CVS. There weren't any left though.

Just as I pulled into the parking lot of Bruster's I heard the end of the book "Midnight Bayou" by Nora Roberts. I'm not a big romance book fan. There was a time, when I was in my late teens I got to reading them because I could get them so cheap at yard sales but generally they're usually very similar in nature. Hunky guy, slender woman with long flowing hair and big boobs, and the man is persuing her while she resists his charms, often hating him at first only to realize that this is the one man she waited her whole life to be with. Here's the funny thing, when I was at the book sale, a woman who was buying a bunch of books had about fifteen nora roberts books. they were a quarter a piece. I almost, almost mind you, went back to see if I might be interested in any of them. What's up with that?

Here's the ice cream story. In order to get the ice cream you had to wear your PJs. I even took it up a notch and wore PJ's, slippers, and a robe. I also brought my dog because dogs are supposed to get free ice cream when you take them to Bruster's anyway. I waited in line behind a guy and his kid who must have thought I was a loon. Fine. I was going to be a loon with a free ice cream.

When it was my turn I stepped up to the window and said, "I'm here to get my free ice cream." The boy at the window stared at me. "Uh, it's PJ day. I'm supposed to get free ice cream." The boy shrugged and called his manager on the cell phone. I mean here's a teen boy all by himself and if he has a question, he has to call his manager.

The manager told the boy that although it is PJ day they were not participating in the promotion. Fine. I'll take my dog's sundae. I didn't know what to expect but basically it was a very small tablespoon serving of ice cream and they are supposed to put a dog biscuit in it but they didn't have that so he just shrugged and said "sorry we don't have a dog treat for it." FINE FINE FINE. Really this guy is just a young teen having to deal with a customer who just made a fool of herself wearing PJs. It's not his fault. I just have to question their strategy of leaving this kid by himself and not telling him what to do if this happened.

I finally signed up for good reads. Kim is forever telling me I should so I did. I can't remember the names of all the book's I've read so far this year. I put down what I remembered and I will go from there. I know I read a lot I'd just like to see how many I do read in a year

Well here's the blog contests that I entered.

Prize: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Trish Ryan.

Prizes (3): Yoplait Yo-Plus gift bag with 4-pack of Yo-Plus yogurt free product coupon, Yoplait cooler tote bag, water bottle and nutrition journal.

Prize: Handmade St. Patrick's table runner from The Krafty Kats.

Prize: Reader's Delight gift basket (ARV $100).

Prizes (3): Box of Crest White Strips Advanced Seal (ARV $45).

Prizes (5): Copy of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home by Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer.

Grand Prize: History backpack, Ax Men Season 1 DVD, roadside car kit, digital photo frame, log box mind puzzle, iPod speaker case, and Trek waist pack with wather bottle, flashlight and compass.
Runner-Up Prize: History tote bag, Ax Men Season 1 DVD, log box mind puzzle, iPod speaker case, and Trek waist pack with wather bottle, flashlight and compass.

Prizes (3): Coupon for a box of Fiber One Chewy Bars, chocolate scented soap, lotion and bath salts, coffee scented candle and bath pillow.

Prizes (6 - 1 per book): Copy of Primary Beneficiary by David Tackett, Explore the Virgin Islands by Harry S. Pariser, Inside All by Margaret H. Mason, Essentials of Premarital Counseling by Sandra L. Ceren PhD, Beat the Reaper: A Novel by Josh Bazell or 20 Things You Must Know to Write a Great Screenplay: A Thorough Primer for Screenwriters by Rick Reichman.

Prize: Hoover Platinum Collection cordless stick vacuum (ARV $179.99).

Prize: Signed copy of Happy Hour of the Damned by Mark Henry.

Prizes (5): Copy of Mrs. Meyers Clean Home by Thelma Meyers.

Prize: Copy of I Like You by Amy Sedaris.

Prize: Copy of Be Strong & Curvaceous by Shelley Adina.

Prize: Sweetheart apron (ARV $42).

Prize: Beautiful pair of handcrafted crochet slippers from Linda's Krafty Kreations.

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