Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hoping To Launch Contest

Oxfam Goes Online As High Street Sales Stutter

You knew it would eventually happen. I spent some time last week talking to my students about how everything they post on the web can impact them in some way. I warned them about posting suggestive photos and TMI (too much information).

Some of the kids think that only their friends find out about their stuff on myspace. This is not true. I told them to check out and put their information in the search and they would be amazed what others can find out about them. I also told them about mydeathspace. What is that you say? Well I found out about it several years ago on a news show. At first I felt it was pretty creepy. If you die they put your myspace link on their site. Some people send notes of encouragement or support but others are evil and post with malintent.

Then what happened was periodically I did check out the site if a news article mentioned that a victim had a myspace account and police were looking at it. OK so I'm a news junkie, I'll admit it. For me the site was like an obit page only filled with young people. When people get my age they often read the obit page to see if they made it through the day. So far for me I have.

I hadn't checked it out in awhile but I did today because I wanted to get some clue about what possessed the Joker to do what he did. You'd be surprised to discover how explicit some people plan things leaving behind the details on their myspace. Then today I noticed this account.

I teach the victim, David's brother. this has been very difficult for the family. From all accounts David was a special young man and didn't deserve this. The last I heard there would be more arrests forthcoming but then I didn't hear anything else.

David's brother, James is even mentioned in the article:

"He was a good kid," said his brother James King Jr. "He's probably laughing right now watching us out here in the cold."

We just started season Five of Dallas. Season Four ended with Kristen dead in the Ewing pool. Just in case you don't remember Kristn, she was the one who shot JR and then claimed she was pregnant with JR's baby. Oh and don't forget that's Sue Ellen's little sister.

We went to the house in Acworth today and packed some boxes. I was so sick I just needed a nap. I was able to persuade Darryl to cancel our get together tomorrow because I'm just way too tired.
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