Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Got My New IPod Touch Yesterday


I won it a few weeks ago and I'm just so very thrilled. It took forever to sync it and figure it out, etc. My computer kept being stubborn. I still can't believe I won one. I've been trying to win a really nice IPod for awhile. This one even lets you watch TV shows on it. Way cool.

I've also been working on Thrifty Maven. I'm writing a series of article to help people who are looking for a new job. Each night I work on my posts so that in the morning I can just uplodad them.

Tommorrow is an important day. Contracts go out. I will sign mine and race up to submit it so they can't change their mind.

Here are the blog contests I entered:

One lucky winner will receive 3 Krispy Kreme Gift Certificates good for 1 dozen original glazed doughnuts

In support of Pamper's "One Pack = One Vaccine" campaign with Unicef, one randomly selected winner will receive:
* 1 six month supply of Pampers diapers
* 1 three month supply of Pampers wipes
* 5 "One-Pack = One Vaccine" campaign baby body suits
* “One Pack = One Vaccine” bear with branded onesie
* Thank you letter from UNICEF

Win a free ad spot on the popular blog for the month of April.

Prize: Fairhaven Health Dreambelly Stretch Mark Cream, TOKI: The Collagen You Drink, and AminoGenesis’ Tripeptinon

Prize: 10" Chocolate Chip Deep Dish Cookie Pie from David's Cookies (ARV $44.95).

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